Cycling Coaching Ireland

Bike Fit Studio has partnered with A1 Coaching to work to bring you professional cycling coaching.

A1 Coaching shares the knowledge, strategies, and experience of a professional cycling coach with you as part of your custom training plan. A1 Coaching was founded by Anthony Walsh when he retired from professional cycling in the USA in 2013. A1 Coaching is based on the best available scientific evidence, combined with a high-level of practical experience and common sense.

“His qualities, combined with his attention to detail, make Anthony Walsh a top level coach.”

— Michael Barry, Sky Pro Cycling

Maximize Results with less training

Remove Coaching Guesswork

Remove the guesswork from your training

Cycling Training Principles

Based on the Latest Scientific Principles

Plans are built to suit your time and circumstances

Cycling Coaching Ireland

budget friendly coaching

Training Plans are designed to suit your budget

coaching for all abilities

Training Plans can be built for all abilities

top cyclists tested

All training plans are tested by Top Athletes

focused cycling workouts

Focused workouts for maximum training efficiency

Professional Coaching

A1 Coaching provide professional cycling coaching in Ireland. This coaching service has been developed by Anthony Walsh after he spent several years as an international professional cyclist, and returned to Ireland in 2013. Anthony has built this professional coaching service with the vision to provide training plans that maximise your time spent training. This helps to minimize the hours you spend cycling and maximize your results based on the focused workouts you are given as part of A1 Coaching. .

Professional Cycling Coaching

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Location: Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland







Fortnightly Coach Interaction
Fortnightly Plan Adjustments
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Daily Coaching Interaction
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Premium Training Peaks Account
Daily Adjustments to training plan
In-depth Race/event tactics
In-depth Goal development





Weekly Coach Interaction
Weekly Plan Adjustment
Premium Training Peaks Account
Standard Race/event tactics