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Bike Fitting in Ireland has become very popular in recent years, and Retül Bike Fitting has lead the way in providing highly accurate bike fitting to cyclists all over the world. Bike Fit Studio is a purpose fit bike fitting studio, that serves to provide cyclists in Ireland with the best location for bike fitting that excels in accuracy, data led decisions, and the best position for cyclists.

When setting up Bike Fit Studio, the owner, John Shortt, wanted to provide a bike fitting service that didn’t just focus on a side on view of cyclists position and angles; but a bike fitting service that considered the overall impact on comfort, output, and lateral movement of a rider based on their position. Retül is an industry leader in providing bike fitting, so it was the perfect fit for Bike Fit Studio. Retül uses a 3D Motion Capture System that records rider movement from a side view, and a head on view.

It uses infrared technology to gauge the lateral/sideways movement that occurs in your body as a result of your bike position. This measurement of lateral movement, a key feature of Retül, is key for maximizing comfort and reducing injuries. The majority of cyclists have imbalances in their physical build, and so by using Retül – it takes this imbalance into account and finds that most suitable bike position for your body. Retül Bike Fitting also places nodes on the riders key body parts and joints, which shows the exact position and angles of the rider position.

By using both the lateral movement data in tandem with the riders angular position, it allows Bike Fit Studio to find the most aerodynamic, and comfortable position that adapts to your body type so it prevents injury.

Bike Fit Studio

Bike Fit Studio based in Dublin, Ireland, is now one of the leading Retül bike fitting studios in Europe. The studio is headed up by John Shortt, a Retül certified fitter and Level 1.5 Road & Time Trial Cycling Coach. John is also a former International Racing Cyclist who represented Ireland on multiple occasions.

John actively competes with the Irish Veterans Cycling Association and with his local cycling club, McNally Swords Cycling Club.In Bike Fit Studio, John is joined by James and Aidan, who together hold a great passion for cycling and this coincides with their enthusiasm for performance analysis and sports science.

This passion is underpinned by their collectively wide range of experience as competitive cyclists in multiple cycling disciplines – including Road Racing, MTB, Time Trial, and Track Cycling. The Bike Fit Studio team enjoys being able to provide extensive advice and knowledge to a wide range of cyclists and triathletes.

This advice and cycling knowledge has been gained from a life of cycling performance and improvement. No matter your level of cycling skill, ability, or background – whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran racer – Bike Fit Studio are always happy to help with Retül Bike Fitting.

If you would like to book a Retül Bike Fitting appointment with Bike Fit Studio, you can call us on +353 1 843 3712 and we will be happy to help. Bike Fit Studio is only 15 minutes from Dublin Airport, and you can also book online, by going to our online booking at the bottom of this page.

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