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The right bike fit maximizes comfort, efficiency, and power to optimise your cycling experience. Retül Bike Fitting provides highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data, the most advanced training for fitters, and is used by more professional cycling teams and professional triathletes than any other bike fitting brand. Bike fitting is available 7 days a week in our Dublin Bike Fit Studio.

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What is Retül Bike Fitting?

Retül Bike Fitting uses a cycling specific 3D motion capture system. Retül Bike Fitting reads individual rider’s movements while you are cycling in real simulated conditions by power loading. The Bike Fitting data is collected, and then it is analysed by your Retül Bike Fitter. In your Bike Fitting session, your bike fitter will use his/her training, knowledge, and experience to define a Bike Fitting that maximises your potential. This bike fit takes into account your physiological capabilities, cycling objective, sport category, and highly accurate fit data to guide your bike fit changes. The optimum fitting parameters have been devised following years of research in the Institute of sport in Boulder Colorado and from working with professional cycling teams such as SKY and Orica GreenEDGE.

Bike Fitting Services Offered By Bike Fit Studio

Existing Bike Fit

For the existing bike fit service on the Bike Fit Studio, you will be observed on your own bicycle while cycling in motion on a Tacx Turbo Trainer with power loading and watt management. By capturing dynamic data using Retül 3D technology, the fitter will find the perfect biomechanical fit for you including biomechanical analysis and cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment. This will help to prevent injury, improve performance, and increase comfort.

Müve Bike Fit | Pre-Bike Purchase

Buying a new bicycle is a significant financial investment, so making sure that your bike fits correctly is essential. If your new bike doesn’t fit, then it’s not good value no matter what it’s made of or how it looks. A Retül Bike Fit will help to prevent injury, improve performance, and increase comfort. A Retül Müve Dynamic Bike Fitting places you on a fully adjustable bike, and measures you for the position that optimises your cycling performance and identifies the best frame size for you, using the unique Retül Frame Finder.

Look Keo Fit Cleat Alignment

Look, renowned for their exceptional bicycle pedals, have created a premium tool for obtaining optimum fit with your Kéo Cleats. This tool, called the Kéo Fit, will help you choose the correct cleats that corresponds to the correct float based on your pedaling anatomy. Your Bike Fit Studio fitter will analyse your pedal stroke and align your cleats to best suit your anatomy. By determining your natural pedaling style and foot position, the Look Kéo Fit Cleat Alignment will identify the ideal float and pedal type that will help to reduce injury, and achieve the most efficient pedaling for you.


Noel Thompson

I found this computerised bike fit system to be so efficient and informative and with the knowledge, experience and qualifications in cycling coaching of the fitters I felt extremely confident. 
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Paul Healy

The Life Cycle team (John, James and Aidan) were easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and with the help of the Retul equipment told me exactly where my bike needed adjustments and clearly explain the reasons for each.
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Greg Burke

Money well spent I would have to say. Having seriously ridden the bike for 35 years and raced for 20 of those I thought that I could find my optimum position on it all by myself, but not quite so after a visit to Bike Fit Studio.
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“I would fully recommend the Retul bike fit to everyone who rides their bike regularly. If you are new to the sport or, like myself, doing it for a long long time it’s a very worthwhile spend.”

—Greg Burke


Bike Fitting is by appointment only. Daytime, weekday evening and weekend appointments are available. Contact us on 01 531 2307, or after 5PM on 087 988 1511.


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